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Digital Photo - 1

We spend 1-2 hours on each photo magnifying it at 300% to remove any visible blue/purple facial or body veins, pimples on any and all body parts, stray hairs, discoloured body parts etc.

Please request if you prefer no skin editing at all. Pricing stays the same. 

They will be sent digitally so you can download them. They are encrypted to maintain privacy.

**All orders are custom and processed the same moment you place your order, there are no refunds once order is placed.


If immediately after your shoot session, you are NOT beaming with confidence & self-esteem, and you DON'T feel like you can conquer the world, WE WILL REFUND your session fee right after your shoot (while you're still at the studio).

Best Case: You achieve an untapped level of confidence and have the best photos to remind yourself of that.

Worst Case: You tell us all we suck, you get a refund, and you got a free shoot.