• KATIE - Owner of Boudoir Atelier, Editor and Photographer

    Meet Katie, the mastermind behind Boudoir Atelier! With unwavering dedication, she has built a sanctuary where women can rise above negativity and embrace their true worth, no matter who they are. At Boudoir Atelier, it's all about being your unique, quirky, and sexy self, and the team is here to celebrate it.

    Katie believes that every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered, especially those who are busy taking care of everyone else but themselves. For her, creating Boudoir Atelier isn't just about capturing breathtaking photographs; it's about igniting that contagious confidence that spills over into every aspect of life.With her expertise in photography, Katie ensures that each client leaves the studio feeling like an incredible, unstoppable force.

  • LAURA - Posing Expert and Photographer

    Every day, Laura wakes up feeling incredibly grateful to be part of the amazing team at the studio. The boudoir sessions offered here are not just about taking photographs; they are transformative experiences that every woman should have in her life.Laura finds the most rewarding part of her role to be witnessing the soaring confidence of clients during their photoshoots. It's a powerful and uplifting moment that fills the studio with positivity and love.

    With a keen eye for capturing unique and empowering moments, Laura believes that every woman deserves to feel celebrated and cherished in her own skin.