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Metallic Crystal Cube

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*If you choose shipping to your own address, the studio cannot be held liable for lost/stolen parcels - we recommend studio pickup for any physical products*

1" thick acrylic blocks with a metallic print bonded on the back side. The combination of metallic print and acrylic make for a stunning display or gift.

***NOTE: Digital edits and physical printed products are separate. These products do not come with photos inside, corresponding digital edits must be purchased separately. Only digital edits purchased will be printed on products.



If immediately after your shoot session, you are NOT beaming with confidence & self-esteem, and you DON'T feel like you can conquer the world, WE WILL REFUND your session fee right after your shoot (while you're still at the studio).

Best Case: You achieve an untapped level of confidence and have the best photos to remind yourself of that.

Worst Case: You tell us all we suck, you get a refund, and you got a free shoot.