• “My name is Lisa I’m a 45 year old mom of 3. I did a boudoir shoot with Katie to celebrate me and turning 45. It was my first time doing a boudoir photo shoot and Katie made me feel so comfortable, enjoyable and fun! Along with her doing an absolutely amazing job of my make up and hair her talent shows in her work. Katie was so amazing in helping me pose for every single picture and looking at my photos I was amazed at how they turned out. I loved all her sets, my package included 4 sets and wardrobe changes and looking through all the pictures it was hard to choose as they all looked incredible. I would definitely and have recommended Katie at Boudoir Atelier to all my friends and women looking to build their self confidence, no matter what age and size all women should have a boudoir shoot and bring sexy back. To anyone feeling insecure or nervous about doing a boudoir shoot I assure you will love Katie and will love your photos and the experience itself.”

    — Lisa

  • I reached out to Katie because she did both boudoir and maternity, and I was interested in a shoot that did both. I’d had a complicated relationship with my changing body through my pregnancy - I thought this would be a nice way to celebrate the changes, rather than being terrified of them! I was not disappointed.
    Katie was a dream to work with. Because of the nature of the material, I thought I would be more comfortable if I brought a friend along, and Katie chatted with us like we had all gone to high school together. She made us feel so comfortable (even as I got naked and stood in front of a fan!) that we had more outtakes of laughter than of the serious/sexy poses we were going for!
    Her service is top notch. The sets are as gorgeous as they look in the portfolio, she made me look like a goddess with hair and makeup beforehand, and my final photos are everything I wanted and more. I had such a great experience that I’m now arranging a shoot for my sister!

    — Alison

  • “This experience with Katie was incredible. I had a challenging year with a great deal of loss and heartache. I did this shoot to rebuild my confidence and I was proud with the changes in my body however I lacked self esteem. I was so nervous to do my first boudoir shoot but Katie made me so comfortable. She was incredible with my makeup hair and of course the photos. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful in my own skin. She gave me back my self confidence that was buried for so long. The end result photos were incredible and very sexy. Instead of picking 10 I chose 15 photos, Lol.
    I cannot thank her enough for reminding me that I am a strong sexy woman. I would suggest to all woman. Don’t only do for a partner do it for yourself. I would choose to do with Katie again she truly puts you at ease. She is truly talented and fantastic.”

    — Sandra

  • “I am a professional, mother of 3 children. My job in health care requires me to put others and their well-being first and this is no different being a wife and mother in a busy family. Aside from those roles, I felt I did not have anything truly just for myself or have the chance to express myself. This is why I chose to do a boudoir shoot - to have a chance to dress up (or down!), be made up and express myself - and have memories made with photos. This was my first time doing a professional boudoir photo shoot, so I wanted a female who was well respected and had an admirable gallery of their work on their page. Location was also a plus! From the impressive Boudoir Atelier page, I had picked a shoot with two outfit changes and two settings. I loved that the studio itself was actually a home - it felt so welcoming, relaxing, and safe. I was excited but also nervous coming into the shoot despite the preparation material provided by Katie. You never know what to expect until you actually get there! As expected from the ease of email communication in setting up the shoot, talking with Katie was a breeze. She was so easy-going, reassuring and understanding of what I felt but was also directive, which is what I hoped for. She took the time to listen to what I was wanting and made suggestions and recommendations both within and outside my comfort zone. We settled on looks and outfits that were comfortable to me. She did my hair and makeup - I looked and felt fabulous. I’m so glad she did them as I wouldn’t have had the time or patience or experience to do it myself! The process of the shoot itself was much more comfortable that I expected and I had so much fun. I felt comfortable expressing myself in serious, seductive ways and in silly fun ones. Throughout Katie provided guidance in a calm, conversational way. The photos themselves were great - too many to choose from and in hindsight, I wished I picked a package with more photos! Overall, I highly recommend a boudoir photo shoot with the lovely, talented, and professional Katie of Boudoir Atelier.”

    — Sophia

  • Katie was very professional, and put me at ease immediately! I wanted to feel beautiful, and glamorous for my birthday, and she more than delivered! I highly recommend her! This was my first photo shoot, and by the end, she gave me the confidence of a model. She took care of everything - makeup, wardrobe - and showed extreme patience throughout the entire process. My only regret is not ordering more photos, and doing this sooner!

    — Sasha

  • “I’m a personal trainer, model and motivational speaker and I was looking to get some updated photos to celebrate my accomplishments. Katie and I did a couple different looks from glam, lingerie and sexy sporty. Let me tell you – Katie does not disappoint. From the moment of booking I was so well informed of what to expect, what to prepare and the excitement just kept building. Being able to choose my studio preferences helped me prepare my outfits as well as chatting with Katie about ideas before the shoot. She did my hair and make up and I lovedddd it – I felt like I looked like me, but she enhanced my beauty. I felt like an absolute goddess during my shoot (and for the rest of the day) and the photos came back soooo amazing. I have worked with Katie a few times and have hired her on a personal and professional level (for my own projects as a model and for my gym as well as for a magazine I work for) and I can’t share enough about how amazing she is! I regularly recommend people to shoot with Kaite – whether it’s a fashion shoot, family, personal, professional, etc. She is one of a kind!”

    — Sarah

  • “I am 34, mom of two little boys, and this was my first time doing any photoshoot. It was a great reminder of my femininity and that I’m not also wearing the mom hat. Katie was amazing in every respect. She did my hair and make up which I loved and she also spent a lot of time going over different looks for me and made sure they would suit me. I thought I would be nervous but I felt incredibly comfortable with Katie and remember laughing a lot throughout the shoot. I was more nervous to give my husband the pictures than I was to take them. And his reaction was INCREDIBLE. Better than I ever could have expected and he was completely surprised and blown away by what I had done. I recommend EVERY ONE to do a boudoir shoot and to definitely go to Katie. I would love to, and can’t wait, to do another shoot with her.”

    — Joanna

  • ”Fabulous experience for an amateur!! I felt so comfortable standing 3/4 naked in front of this beautiful soul, her passion for making us feel beautiful is evident in every moment. I can't wait to have another session which I will book soon!!”

    — Lori

  • “My husband bought me the boudoir shoot so that I could feel more confident and see myself the way he sees me. I was nervous going into it because it was my first time doing a shoot like this. Katie was so welcoming and instantly made me feel comfortable. We started out by going over all the outfit choices. Once we had the final looks all put together she gave me a face mask while she did my hair. She then did my makeup which looked AMAZING. She gave lots of direction so I felt comfortable during the shoot. She made me laugh, I felt confident and beautiful. The pictures turned out AMAZING and I could hardly believe it was me! I am definitely going to work with her again and I would recommend her to anyone. My advice to anyone thinking about doing this is to just go for it! You will be in great hands!”

    — Laura

  • “I did my first Boudoir Photoshoot with Katie and it was the best thing I ever did! I struggled with body image issues for years and years. I was very nervous that day as I wasn’t sure what will happen and how I will feel but Katie is more than amazing! She made me feel comfortable and was so sweet and welcoming. We laughed and chatted a lot which made the day even more fun. My photos turned out so beautiful! I never thought I would look so good like this. She helped me with poses and both my hair and makeup were done as well so I felt like a princess. I highly recommend Katiuska. You will not be disappointed and will leave very happy”

    — Sel

  • “Kind and professional. Love my pictures! I was nervous before the shoot. Katie made me feel comfortable though. My First boudoir shoot. She’s highly recommended. Liss and Katie did my hair and makeup so perfect”

    — Cassandra

  • “I did my very first boudoir shoot and the results were fantastic! I had a milestone birthday coming up and I wanted to mark the occasion in an BIG way for me. From the moment of my first query to Katie to receiving my pictures, she was a consummate professional and made me sooooo comfortable with the process. She did my makeup and hair for the shoot, we selected the wardrobe for the shoot together, her direction during the shoot was crystal clear and I had so much fun during the shoot that it resulted in AMAZING pictures. The pictures were beautiful, every single friend I’ve shown is blown away and at least friend is now considering doing a shoot herself. All I can say is that whatever your inhibitions, you will forget them and have a blast and have some amazing shots to capture your time. I am planning to do this again with Katie!”

    — Michelle

  • “Working with Katie was extremely fun! Although this was my first maternity photo shoot, Katie ensured that she made this a relaxed and memorable experience while supporting a professional and comfortable atmosphere from the moment I arrived. Katie completed both my hair and makeup on location while ensuring a specialized yet personal touch. She took the time to discuss my preferences and comfort level while offering her professional feedback surrounding clothing choices. In addition, Katie provided consistent and empowering direction for the duration of the shooting process. I was provided with an outstanding number of proofs to choose from and upon submitting my final choices Katie ensured that I received the completed photos in an extremely efficient timeframe. Additionally, I was thrilled with the final results and the extra efforts she took to personalize the photos! It is clear that Katie loves her work as she ensures her consumers receive a comfortable and empowering experience. Overall, I feel that Katie went above and beyond while supporting an accommodating and customized approach. I would be happy to recommend Katie to anyone looking for a multifaceted, professional, and empowering photographer”

    — Nicole

  • “Katie is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! Truly outstanding!!! Not only is she incredibly professional, she is extremely talented, kind, funny, warm, gifted and wonderful!! This was my very first boudoir photo shoot – in fact, this was my very first photo shoot ever!! Although I wasn’t nervous to begin with, Katie was warm and welcoming and made me feel right at home, it was like we’ve known each other for ages!! Katie did an outstanding job on my hair and makeup, I almost didn’t recognize myself – in a good way!! I don’t wear a lot of makeup generally, but the beautiful work she did in making my features pop out is truly a gift!! Katie was so amazing at helping me along the way, she was tremendous in her guidance throughout the shoot and the pictures are the proof!! I cannot believe how incredibly gorgeous my photos turned out, she has such an incredible gift in showcasing not only your outer beauty, but making your inner beauty shine in her work. I honestly cannot say enough amazing, wonderful, incredible things about Katie, she is a genius and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her to everyone! This beautiful woman is going places, and I’m so blessed to have been a small part in her world!! Thank you Katie!!! XOXOX”

    — Melissa

  • “I connected with Katie from google suggestion for first our maternity shoot and I made the best decision without giving a second thought. She was very professional and engaging from day one. I was bit nervous when I reach her studio but she made me and my husband very comfortable. She did my makeup and hair and provided me best gown and props for the shoot. She was very friendly and easy going person. Her studio set up was amazing and it was beyond my expectations. She took amazing pictures and it’s magical and I cnt stop staring and sharing them. Coming from conservative family I requested her to consider few things in terms of editing, she was so kind and provided me the final edits considering everything and it was just beyond my expectation. I would definitely recommend Katie to my friends and family who is looking to get best shots and service. Thank you so much Katie for everything. Your the best !! ❤️ Love and Regards Ishani & Swarup”

    — Ishani

  • “My name is Amanda and I work in Finance. I just did a Boudoir photoshoot as a surprise for my husband for our Anniversary! This was my first time I had ever been in a photoshoot (other than a small engagement shoot years ago) Needless to say, I was completely out of my comfort zone and I was pretty self-conscious. But Katie made me feel amazing! The whole process was seamless and Katie’s experience and professionalism clearly shined through. Katie was there to guide me step by step; from booking the date, trying to decide which sets to use (they are all so glamorous), to helping me choose my outfits; Katie quickly felt like a supportive and enthusiastic girlfriend that was there to make this the best experience possible! On the day of my shoot, I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. But as soon as I got there my nerves turned into excitement! My hair and makeup looked stunning and thankfully Katie encouraged and directed me with pose suggestions! And thanks to her my pictures are UNBELIEVABLE! Like I have told all the ladies in my life, I highly recommend this experience to anyone! Like I said, I’m a bit self-conscious and a busy working mom and wife and the way Katie made me feel and look.. is priceless! I cant wait for my husband to see the photos!!”

    — Amanda

  • “This was my first boudoir shoot ever and it was amazing. I had always wanted to do one but felt unsure. Katie made me feel at ease and made the whole process simple, fun and comfortable. She took me through the whole process, did my hair and makeup which turned out phenomenal. She gave me great direction and advice on everything from jewelry, clothing, lack of clothing to of course posing. I have to say that I feel more confident and beautiful then ever. The photos turned out exactly how I imagined or even better. I highly recommend Katie.”

    — Hal

  • “I’m Mira and I did my Maternity shoot with Katie. It was my first maternity shoot and I was not nervous at all because she made everything so easy, very easy going person, I felt like I knew her for a long time. She did my make-up, hair and I felt like a princess. Her studio is so beautiful. The photos turned out breathtaking, magical, she did an amazing job. I can’t stop staring at them. Definitely I would recommend Katie to all my family and friends a million times. I will cherish and remember the experience and the photos for the rest of my life. I will plan in the future to do more photoshoots with her. Beyond Happy. Thank You So much Katie You are worth of every Penny. Lots of love from Linor and I”

    — Mira

  • “Katie is one of a kind!! I had never done any photo session before and was not sure what to expect. I knew what I wanted was a set of pictures that I felt good with and to create a gift for my husband on our first anniversary. Being plus sized, I was nervous about how my image would look in photos.... let alone boudoir photos. Well from the first interaction Katie was kind, professional and made me feel very relaxed. The day of the shoot, Katie eased my fears and mind, taking great care in my hair and makeup talking me through each stage. The pictures were fun to do, and Katie made sure I was always comfortable.
    It was a great day.... and the pictures... WOW!! Katie ensured that she captured the best angles, lighting and was hard to choose from the vast amount she had taken. The final prints were better then I could have imagined and I’m happy to report that my husband was very happy with his gift!! I would recommend every woman do this at least once in their lives. Katie you’re amazing at what you do! Thank you xoxo”

    — Bridget

  • “I had such a wonderful experience with Katie and would recommend her to anyone considering a shoot. The experience of a boudoir shoot, while empowering and fun, can also be incredibly overwhelming but Katie put me immediately at ease. With her guidance, I found myself becoming more confident in front of the camera and my initial discomfort melted away. Now I not only have these wonderful images, but they stand as a reminder for a fun and personal experience. Can not recommend strongly enough.”

    — A

  • “Katie is absolutely professional and knowledgeable. I was hesitant and nervous at first about doing a boudoir photoshoot, but when I viewed her content online, I knew I had to do it. This was my first photoshoot with Katie and I WILL do another one with her. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. All the questions and concerns I had regarding the photoshoot were answered and addressed professionally. She was nothing but sweet, caring and hilarious. She made me laugh so much during our photoshoot. It made me feel comfortable.
    My reason for this photoshoot- I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I wanted to show a different side of me that I’ve never shown before. Prior to my fitness journey and career, I struggled with body image issues during my adolescent years. She brought out a side to me that I never knew! I loved the way she styled my hair, makeup and wardrobe – she made me feel like a model. I highly recommend Katie, she met all my expectations of what I wanted in a photoshoot. She provides all the services you’re looking for to have in a set. Thank you Katie for the wonderful experience!”

    — Joanna

  • “I work in health management and I did my first boudoir shoot with Katie. It was nothing short of amazing. Her sets are absolutely stunning and not only is Katie very personable and easy to talk to, but she is professional and able to get the shots you specifically ask her for. My nerves melted away after the first couple of poses because Katie’s positive reinforcement made me feel like a model. She is the QUEEN of posing and lighting. I was blown away by my final photos. I did this for myself because I am at a good place in my life and am happy so I wanted to forever capture this point in my life. Katie did exactly that and I am so happy with the results. Shoutout to Lise for doing my hair and making it exactly how I wanted! If you are looking for an amazing boudoir experience, look no further!”

    — Anonymous

  • “I did a boudoir photo shoot with Katie recently and oh my goodness she was amazing!! It was the first time I had ever done a boudoir shoot, or anything remotely like it, and she was so helpful. She did my hair and makeup (gorgeous), helped me pick out an outfit that fit the look she had in her head when I had no clue what would look good, and even gave me guidance on posing. I never once felt rushed or awkward, it was a super fun and comfortable experience. Katie is a wonderful person, and by the end it felt like we had known each other for years. She made me laugh, and made me feel beautiful and seen during the shoot, and that was before I even saw the photos. To say they blew me away is an understatement. In them I was fierce and bold and beautiful. I’m a 9-5 working mom of a toddler; when I get to shower three times a week it’s a good time, I haven’t seen or thought of myself as gorgeous in a long long time. Katie’s work takes your soul and lays it bare to the camera and the results are phenomenal. I’ll stop now, because I could gush all day and not be done, but I will say that if you’re considering getting photos done, go with Katie. I will (and already have) recommend her to anyone even thinking about a photoshoot. You will love Katie and her work, I guarantee it!”

    — Megan

  • “My experience with Katie was amazing! I had a maternity shoot done and chosen her ‘Bronze Package’. That included two different sets/outfits and 15 professionally edit pictures (I believe she updated her packages right after I chose mine). She was so professional and personal it was a great experience for me. I have never done a photo shoot let alone a maternity shoot, I was nervous and had no clue how to pose or anything and she guided me along the way and made me feel very comfortable! She had an assistant who did make-up and helped position me and get the picture looking just right! The make-up and hair process was smooth and looks amazing afterwards, definitely a professional at what she does! After the shoot she got all the proofs sent really fast (2-3 days) and I had about 600-800 pictures to choose from! After I chose my 15 pictures it took about 1 week for them to come in! Super fast and easy experience! She was also really attentive to what exactly I wanted edited out (blemishes/imperfections) and what I wanted to stay (Stretch marks/linea nigra line). All in all this was an amazing experience and would recommend Katie to anyone! …I will probably also do a boudoir shoot for my hubby sometime soon in the near future! Lol!”

    — Amy

  • My boyfriend booked me a boudoir photo shoot with Katie for my birthday. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing because my self-confidence isn’t especially high, but I had nothing to worry about. Katie put me at my ease right away with her warm and friendly demeanour. Prior to the photo shoot she did my hair and make-up (which looked amazing, by the way). We chatted the whole time and she really made me feel comfortable. During the shoot, I was pretty shy to begin with, but Katie was so patient with me. With her guidance and encouragement she drew me out of my shell, and it didn’t take long before I had forgotten my shyness and was having a fantastic time. I came away from the experience feeling more confident and beautiful than I had in a while. Before I had even selected which photos to order, I recommended Katie to several of my friends, and after receiving my pictures I would do so even more strongly! Katie really knows her work and is excellent at every aspect of it, from the pre-shoot prep to the photography to the digital enhancements. Not to mention that she is a lovely person to work with! I will definitely be going back for a second shoot sometime!

    — Shannon

  • “I hired Katiuska to do some boudoir images. I recently lost some weight and I wanted to capture this milestone in my life. What I loved most about working with Katiuska is how personable she is. It was really easy to say what I wanted to achieve with the shoot and also express my concerns. I could openly talk to her about my body and my insecurities. She made me feel so comfortable and was understanding.

    Her studio is very impressive. She has multiple set ups, different areas and props to work with. We spent some time chatting as she did my hair and makeup, getting to know each other, talking about our lives and laughing together. By the time we started shooting it felt like I had known her for years.

    Katiuska gave me constructive direction without making me feel awkward. She went above and beyond to get the perfect angle. She would run around, climb ladders, and get down on the ground to capture the best shot. She was quick to send me my images and I was blown away. They far exceeded my expectations. My pictures are tasteful, sensual and very soft. I have never felt so beautiful and powerful in my life.

    I don’t usually write reviews but Katiuska is a true professional, it is so refreshing to work with someone who is talented, knowledgeable, down to earth and fun to be around. I highly recommend her and plan on working with her again in the future.”

    — Bethany

  • “I was so nervous about my session but Katie makes you feel comfortable. I was so insecure about everything and how the pictures would turn out, but thanks to Katie, I had NOTHING to worry about! I looked FANTASTIC! I couldn’t believe the lovely lady in the pictures was me!
    The photo session itself was such a blast, the studio was incredible, the photos are breathtaking and Katie created an experience that made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I am still in awe at how amazing she made me look and feel; the pictures turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined or hoped.

    I just wanted to say, once again, thank you for such an amazing experience. I still can’t believe how unbelievable the photos turned out and how much fun my photography session was. Your made me feel beautiful, confident and capable of doing anything. I created a gift for my boyfriend that will most definitely put me in the running for “model of the year.” I am so anxious to see the look on my sweetheart face when I give him my photos where I look “smoking hot” as he said.
    Anyways, thank you so much for such a fun and wonderful experience; I am looking forward to a next shoot in a few months….”

    — Olga

  • “Shooting with Katie is an absolute dream. I did a boudoir session with her as a wedding gift for my husband a few years ago, and I just finished doing my maternity for our first baby with her. Both experiences were absolutely flawless, not only is Katie incredibly professional and made me feel so at ease and comfortable throughout the shoot – but she was so attentive to ensure I wasn’t overheating and offered as many breaks as needed! The maternity dress selection was amazing, and everything fit me perfectly – even though I’m plus size. It was so nice that she offered a variety of outfits for all sizes! Her studio is absolutely beautiful, and she did an incredible job on my hair and makeup. I would recommend Katie to ANYONE looking to do any photography – whether it’s family photos, boudoir, maternity… the list goes on. I can guarantee you a professional experience, high quality and timely photos, and a thoroughly wonderful experience.”

    — Catherine

  • “I booked a boudoir shoot with Katiuska Idrovo Photography as a gift to myself after having 2 kids and working hard to tone my body. Prior to the photoshoot, Katiuska was very responsive by e-mail, explained the process and was always available for questions. On the day of the shoot, Katiuska did an amazing job on my hair and make-up and provided clear creative direction while taking the photos. Her skills as a make-up artist, hair and wardrobe stylist are outstanding and the resulting photographs are flawless! I absolutely adore the bedroom set and the mirror wall, her creative eye is on point in terms of what looks chic, sexy and fabulous. I had unlimited studio time, 2 different hair and make-up looks, she took over 800 frames in 6 outfits and throughout it all, she provided guidance in terms of posing that flattered my body type. I highly recommend Katiuska, you will cherish not only your photographs but also your experience!”

    — Anonymous

  • “As an up and coming plus size model, Katie was the first professional photographer to shoot me. Still not believing in myself and thinking that I did not have any potential, Katie guided me and I can honestly say, captured me in a different light that I have never seen. From hair and makeup, her guidance, her professionalism. Her passion in photography and love for her work exuding in your finished protect. I strongly recommend her! It’s almost a year that o mer Katie for the first time; she’s my go to person for my photography needs, professionally and personally. Thank you for all that you have done for me! And for the many women that have been referred to you!”

    — Daniela

  • “I’ve been modeling regularly for the past 10 years – both as a hobby and as a profession. Saying that; you can understand that I am extremely picky with what photographers I chose to work with. Katie is by far, hands down, one of my favourite photographers to work with. She is prompt with all her communication and follows through on everything she tells you she is going to do. I think it’s an amazing bonus that she not only does photography but makeup and hair as well! It makes the shoot that much more smooth and calm having one person being the master of everything and pampering you. I think it’s amazing that she also has a large selection of wardrobe that you can wear as well- a lot of it being adjustable so multiple body sizes can wear it! Katie was nothing short of extremely professional during our entire shoot and she made me feel super comfortable!

    My maternity shoot was nothing short of amazing. Katie took everything that I wanted out of our shoot and delivered it 100% I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results! She delivered my photos promptly and within the time frame she told me she would.

    I will definitely be going back and shooting with her through the coming years and have my daughter get her own photos done!”

    — Nicole

  • “I am a curvy model who has just started in the industry, shooting with Katiuska was such an amazing experience. It was my first boudoir shoot & I was nervous about it, she made me feel so comfortable & gave great direction! I was most impressed with the fact that she is a one woman show. She did hair, makeup & she shot all photos herself. She took the time to get to know me & it made the final edits absolutely amazing. To this date, the photos I shot with her have been my absolute favourite. There is no doubt that I will be shooting with her again! Thanks Katiuska!”

    — Yolanda

  • “I work in a hospital, where I wear no makeup and unflattering scrubs daily. I got the idea to do a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for my boyfriend for our upcoming anniversary. After reviewing several different photographers I was drawn to Katie and the work she’s done. I really love how Katie strives to make all women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful. I had never done any kind of photo shoot before and was definitely very nervous, but Katie made me feel so comfortable in a professional environment. Katie was such a joy to work with, and I will continue to recommend her to family, and friends! When I got my pictures I just about fell off of my chair. THEY WERE AMAZING!!”

    — Anonymous

  • “I work in the higher education system and my expectations are extremely high. Although, Katie not only managed to meet my standards but absolutely demolished my expectations. She is amazing at her job of makeup, hair and photography, as well as making conversation and being very friendly and fun. My edlest daughter and I loved her and we loved how talented she is at doing hair and makeup. It was also very convenient on my part because I didn’t have to go out and buy fancy dresses for the shoot. The dresses and gowns she provided, they were beautiful and comfortable. We would definitely recommend Katie. She is an amazing person, photographer, hairstylist, and makeup artist.“

    — Dila

  • I recently had the pleasure of being photographed by Katie. I had an amazing experience and felt so great. Katie instructed and advise me through the whole experience and helped me get through my shyness. She made me feel comfortable. The pictures have turned out to be wonderful. I couldn't pick a favorite because so many of them are great. I totally recommend Katie as a great artist and photographer.

    — Ana

  • My daughter gifted me with a Boudoir photo shoot for Christmas. At first I was excited, she had done a Fashion shoot with Katie the previous summer and we had a lot of fun during the session. Then the insecurities hit. I'm 53, I've had kids and I don't look like I did 20 years ago.
    It turned out I worried for nothing. From makeup to hair to the actual photo shoot, Katie is a pro. Her studio is a comfortable, friendly, safe and encouraging environment. She talked me through every step, always offering guidance with poses and generous with her compliments.
    Katie has a way of making you feel beautiful and sexy, then proving it with her photos.
    Every women should do a shoot like this at least once in their lives and do it with Katie, you'll have fun and you won't regret it. My photos are fantastic and I guarantee you'll have a hard time narrowing down your favourites.

    — Diane

  • “My name is Sarah, and I work in the legal field and model part time. This was my first ever boudoir photo shoot and I had a blast! Katie is super welcoming, friendly and I felt incredible comfortable with her the moment I met her. I love the photos and have received many compliments as well as bookings since sharing them. I loved working with Katie, from getting hair and makeup, being in front of the camera and discussing finishing touches. Katie is accommodating and is truly a master at her craft. I recommend Katie to anyone! Whether you want to wow your significant other with a boudoir shoot, update your portfolio with some new head shots or make memories – Katiuska Idrovo Photography is the way to go!”

    — Sarah

  • “This was not my first time doing a photo shoot, but it was my first time doing a boudoir shoot with a female photographer which was great. I enjoyed working with a female because it made me feel comfortable and she was great at giving instructions. As a female she knows what looks good & what is flattering so it was awesome to work with her. The photos all turned out great and throughout the shoot she definitely made me feel comfortable and sexy! I am also currently in the process of creating a professional portfolio so I used the photos towards it and have received lots of positive feedback. I would 100% recommend Katie as a photographer in the future to any women who want great boudoir photos. She will make sure you feel comfortable and sexy and the photos will turn out great. If someone asked me about Katie’s photography company I would say that she is amazing to work with and will provide you with excellent service & photos. You will not be disappointed :)”

    — Elaina

  • “My husband and I did a maternity shoot with Katie and it was our first time doing this type of thing. We we’re nervous and didn’t really know what to expect or how it would go. Katie’s professionalism and kindness made it all work out perfectly! It was our pleasure to work with her! She did my make up and hair as well and customized her dress to fit me like a charm. She knew exactly what we were looking for and the final edits turned out amazing! I would definitely be recommending her to all my family and friends! Thank you Katie! Mona and Majid”

    — Mona

  • “I am an Advertising Account Supervisor and this was my first time doing a boudoir photo shoot and I had a blast! Katie made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Having my makeup and hair done also made me feel so glamorous and sexy. Katie is so sweet and gives great direction! All of the feedback and direction was so positive and straightforward. I always felt comfortable and confident that the shots would come out great! During my shoot, I felt like a million bucks! I am in absolute love with my photos. I can’t wait for my husband to open his wedding gift and see them! Such a wonderful memory for down the road 🙂 I hands down recommend Katie to anyone I know. That Katie has an incredible creative eye and provides stellar customer service and a quality product.”

    — Catherine

  • “I currently am a part-time support worker, as well as a educational facilitator and this was my first time doing a boudoir shoot. I had a great, relaxed, and fun time. Katie was very easy going and flexible to work with, I felt comfortable at all times. She made the environment light with humour — even though I was nervous at first, I felt a burst of confidence during the shoot. I am pleased with the exposure and the detail in the images and I would definitely recommend Katie to anyone. If anyone is looking for brilliant resolution in images, lighting and a relaxed environment, she is the perfect photographer for the job!”

    — Sarah

  • “I did a maternity photo shoot with Katie. She was absolutely amazing! She guided me and my husband through the whole process making us feel confident and comfortable. I felt so beautiful after she and her team did my hair and makeup. She took her time, not rushing the appointment and made sure I feel like the world revolves around me. The photos are gorgeous and I am completely satisfied. I would recommend shooting with Katie to anyone.”

    — Sonja

  • “My name is Jessica McCallum and I work in the Dental Industry as a Dental Assistant. This was my first boudoir photo shoot ever, and I LOVED it!!! Katie’s demeanor was absolutely on par! She not only made it so I was comfortable; she managed to make it a fun time for everyone involved. As fun and comfortable as this experience was, it was also very easy to be professional in Katie’s presence, as she herself is very professional and confident about what she does (and that’s a WONDERFUL feeling)! After an extraordinary experience, I received my photos only to find they were nothing short of AMAZING! How could they not be with such an outstanding and talented team! If anyone asked me about Katiuska Idrovo Photography, I would simply tell them to see for themselves! These pictures show you her talent and ability in this industry — as in most cases, a picture tells a thousand words. PHENOMENAL work Katie and team, I can’t wait to work with you in the near future!
    Until then KEEP CALM & BOUDOIR ON!”

    — Jessica

  • “Me and my little family just recently shot a cake smash and Maternity photo shoot with Katie. We are so pleased with the results. She brought my vision to life and exceeded my expectations. She made us feel so comfortable in our own skin and made us look 10 years younger with her finished product. We highly recommend her for all your photography needs. Two thumbs up. Xoxo”

    — Tia

  • “I’m Caterina Moda, a plus size model based in Toronto. I hired Katie because I saw her previous work with other models and I was immediately attracted to her work. During the shoot she was extremely sweet and comfortable to work with. Her hair and makeup skills were excellent! I love that she offers that as an extension of her photography. I was very pleased with the final product and I have received positive feedback from everyone that saw the photos. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!”

    — Caterina