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Why we shoot Boudoir Photography

At Boudoir Atelier, the focus is not on societal standards or limitations. Instead, it's about celebrating individuality and capturing the unique beauty that radiates from within.

We are dedicated to creating a space where women of all ages, sizes, and life stages can have their own personal Beyoncé moment! We believe that every woman deserves to feel like a million bucks. It's about more than just taking stunning photographs; it's about helping clients rediscover their confidence, power, and self-worth.

We see the beauty in everyone that comes through our door. Women tell us they feel they can't look "that beautiful" because they feel too tall, weigh too much, or have too many stretch marks. We love showing them the photos from their shoot and showing that they CAN, in fact, feel beautiful. Seeing their reactions to their pictures, is truly what ignites us and makes us passionate to do what we do!


The Mastermind Behind Boudoir Atelier

She has created a sanctuary where women can rise above the negativity and embrace their true worth, no matter who they are! We want you to be your unique quirky sexy self, and we're here for it.

We allow clients to spoil themselves, because we know they are devoted mothers, daughters, business women, and survivors and they are too busy taking care of everyone else but themselves.

In her words, "the best part about creating Boudoir Atelier isn't just about capturing breathtaking photographs. It's about that contagious confidence that spills over into every aspect of your life. When you feel like a rockstar in front of the camera, that confidence carries over into your relationships, your career—hell, even your grocery store runs! It's like a secret weapon for taking on the world!"

With Katie's expertise in photography, she handles all the final photos and hand-delivers them to all our amazing clients. She is dedicated to making as many women feel like the incredible, unstoppable forces they truly are. Take a break from your everyday!


She Makes Sure Your Day Flows Smoothly

Heyyy, I'm Cat — Studio Manager at Boudoir Atelier! Just like many of you, I once walked through these very doors as a nervous yet excited client, eager to get “my sexy back” after having 3 kids.

My boudoir shoot experience was nothing short of transformative – it left me feeling confident, strong, and sexy! I
knew I needed to be apart of this journey for other woman, to help
them feel the same way I did!

Every day, I'm grateful for the chance to meet all of you amazing ladies and witness your unique transformations unfold. It's inspiring to see women from all walks of life come in with their own reasons for doing a boudoir shoot.

Women empowering women has to be the most powerful thing in the world! We
often put ourselves last because of work, partners, kids, and all of the things life throws at us. The day of your shoot is a day to leave all of that at the door and embrace yourself, your beauty, your body, to love yourself unconditionally and celebrate
am here to walk you through the entire process and be your biggest cheerleader the entire way!!!



Truly the BEST photographer.

Hello there! My name is Laura and I am the photographer here at Boudoir Atelier! I wake up everyday feeling so grateful to be a part of this amazing team here at the studio. Your session is so much MORE than a boudoir photoshoot. It's a whole experience that every woman deserves to have and should try at some point in their life.

Katie has brought together an amazing team of women and created a beautiful and safe space for all our clients to feel beautiful. The best part of it all is witnessing your confidence soar during your photoshoot! It’s such a rewarding experience ❤️

Hair and makeup are included in all of our boudoir shoots! I think it's really important for you to feel pampered, and having your hair and makeup done is a great way to do that! Our amazing team can help you complete your look, whether that's "I just woke up like this" or full-on glam! You can bring any ideas you want for your makeup, and we can try to use it for inspiration!

The Transformation

"OH MY GOD, that's me? NO WAY that's me!"

The transformation that takes place in our studio is the best part of the whole experience for us. When a woman arrives in my studio, most of the time she's nervous, sometimes even visibly nervous. Shaky hands and voices, sweaty hands and faces are things I see all the time. Once they sit in the chair to get their hair and makeup done, the transformation begins. The client slowly starts to shed those signs and feelings of nervousness and anxiousness.


Then the shoot would start. The first series is to get you all warmed up. When I show the client the back of the camera after the first series, I usually hear "OH MY GOD, that's me? NO WAY that's me!". As we go into the next series and then the next, the laughter and smiles start to come out. Then she starts to feel sexy. The sexy eyes come out. And you can tell that it's starting to click with them.


By the time we finish the session and go into the reveal, we're friends. We've just shared an experience that they will always remember. We've laughed and shared stories about our lives. Once I show them their pictures on the projector screen, their jaws drop. They see themselves like they never have before. This is one of the amazing things about boudoir photography. I get a chance to show them how I see them, how their spouse sees them, and be their mirror. When they walk out that door, they're smiling so big, and they can't wait to tell all their friends about what they just did.


We often get caught up in taking care of everyone else, leaving little time for ourselves. That is why Boudoir Atelier was created, an experience that's all about indulging and spoiling ourselves, even if it's just for a day.

We understand the many roles women take on – as mothers, daughters, businesswomen, and survivors. We believe that we deserve to be pampered and celebrated too. It's like a little sanctuary within those warm and inviting studio walls where we can escape from our daily routines and embrace our true selves.

Through the magic of photography, we empower women to boost their confidence, conquer fears, and go after their dreams. It's a beautiful way to reclaim our inner power and celebrate the incredible individuals we are.

We are here to support you. I can't wait for you to experience this empowering photoshoot and capture the essence of your own journey. Get ready to embrace your power and step into a world where anything is possible!